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Q: How much will I receive from the sale?

A: The consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price.

Q: When will I be paid for items that have sold?

A: Consignor Checks will be available for in-store pick up on the 10th for items sold during the previous month.

Q: My items have been pre-approved, do I need to make an appointment to bring them in?

A: You may bring your items in any day between 10am and 5pm.

Q: How is the sales price established?

A: Our professional interior designers will inspect the items upon delivery and price out the items. Pricing will be based on condition, manufacturer, original purchase price, style, and marketability of the item. We will then contact you by phone for your approval of the pricing recommendations.

Q: Can I price my own merchandise?

A: You may recommend a price, however, our interior designers will determine the final price.

Q: Can you refinish or repair our items?

A: We do not refinish or repair any items. All items are sold “as is” condition.


Q: How often do items get marked down?

A: All used items get marked down every 15 days at 15% each time. All price tags clearly show the date and price for each item.

Q: How can I purchase an item on the markdown date?

A: All items are first come first served. We cannot reserve an item for you when it is marked down.

Q: Are prices negotiable?

A: All prices and dates on tags of discounts are firm. All prices are set with the consignor and we stick with what the price is set at.

Q: Do you receive a higher discount for buying multiple items?

A: Since all items are with multiple consignors we do not offer any additional discounts than what is on the tag.

Q: When I pick-up the item(s) will there be help to load the items?

A: We are happy to help you load the item(s), however, we cannot help securing the items. Please bring your own blankets, ropes, tie-downs and anything else to help secure your item(s).

Q: If I buy something in the store can I pick it up later?

A: Since we have many items moving in and out we do give you a 7 day limit to pick up your items. Once you have passed 7 days we will charge you $5/day/item for storage. While the item(s) is waiting for you to pick up we are not responsible for any damage that may occur.

Q: Do you offer refunds for items bought?