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Give your furniture another chance and make some extra cash along the way. We would love working with you and help you sell the furniture you love. We will make sure that your furniture will sell quickly and at a fair market price. When your item sells you receive a check for 50% of the selling price. Say goodbye to dealing with spammers and hagglers on Facebook and Craigslist. Allow our professionals to price out and sell your items for you.

The consignment period is 60 days.

After the 60 days, the item(s) is expired.  You have 7 days (grace period) to pick up your item(s).  If you have not picked up your item(s) within the 7 day grace period, it will become the property of Jasany Home.

It is your responsibility to check with us to see whether your items have sold or not.

The price on your item(s) will stay at their determined price for as long as customers are interested in the piece.  We will then mark it down every 15 days during the consignment period.

Consignment is a 50-50 split on furniture and accessories.

We must see the item(s) in which you want to consign so we can assure quality prior to acceptance.  Please email a picture to When the item is sold we will send you a check for your half. Checks are printed the 10th of every month.

We appreciate your business.

Thank You!


Pre-Approval and Preparation

  • We accept items that are 20 years old or newer, in like-new condition, and are of a style that has strong demand.
  • Send photos of furniture to
  • All consignments are subject to our final inspection and stringent quality standards.

Delivery to Showroom

  • You must deliver your own items during regular business hours.


  • After you deliver your item(s) to our showroom we will go through a thorough inspection process to determine quality and condition. We are working together to sell your item we will price the item(s) at a fair market value that could sell within 30 days.
  • We use automatic price discounting at 15, 30 and 45 days after the item is received if not sold.